The Ubuntu Center on Racism, Global Movements & Population Health Equity

Pain. Power. Possibilities.

Spring 2022 Teach-in Series

Join us for our Spring 2022 virtual Teach-In Series as we bridge connections and knowledge between scholars, community residents, organizers, and activists about entrenched inequities created by racism and other systems of oppression. Together we plan to identify collective ways to advance community-centered, movement-informed health equity research and solutions.

Individuals who register will be a part of the first cohort and attend three, two-day teach-ins from March to May 2022 culminating in a group sense-making workshop in June. The sessions from March through May will cover selected topics (seen below) through the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to have these conversations now as demands to "return to normal" threaten the just and equitable future we all deserve.

This free co-learning space is open to scholars, students, organizers, activists, and community residents committed to our shared humanity, unapologetic truth-telling, and a radical imagination rooted in the possibility of what can be.

"I hope things are different, but we can't sit back and expect them to be different. We have to demand that things are different."

- Jeffrey Jordan, Outreach Specialist, Drexel University

Cartoon image that says, "The Rich get richer and the poor get their byproducts."

Environmental Racism & The Climate Crisis

May 19 & 21, 2022

Group Sense-Making... Power & Possibilities

June 23 & 25, 2022

Invitation to this event is reserved for those who attend one or more of the earlier sessions