The Types Conference

The Types conference is an almost yearly conference held since 1990. It is a forum to present new and on-going work in all aspects of type theory and its applications.

The Types conference stemmed out of a number of successful European projects from 1990 to 2008 (ESPRIT Action 3245, 1989 - 1992, ESPRIT BRA 6453, 1992 - 1995, ESPRIT working group 21900, 1997 - 1999, IST working group 29001, 2000 - 2003 and FP6 TYPES coordination action, 2004 - 2008).

From 2016 to 2020, the Types conferences had been connected to the COST Action CA15123 EUTypes.

The Steering Committee currently consists of Sandra Alves,  Benno van den Berg (secretary), Rasmus Møgelberg, Paige Randall North (chair), Eduardo Hermo Reyes and Matthieu Sozeau.