About Us

We are The Slithering Serpents, a team created back in 2013, and only recently have we gone public. We have 241 members currently, and are looking to raise that number. Our goal is to help people, and we can help with anything from account switching, to online bot creation.

If you need to contact us, visit our contacts page.

"don't touch the snakes, and they won't bite"

Quote: Pdtheyoutuber

That quote comes from our past leader, Pdtheyoutuber, and it has many meanings. This quote is very close to us, because it protects us from strange people, and says what we are about. This quote is used a lot here, because it can be used for many things. We use it wen we don't agree with others, and when we want to keep an agreement secure.

We are a closed organization, meaning that we are not accepting members anymore. If you want to be a part of things around here, you can apply to be a guide.

Guides help people figure out their issues with TSS, and they also help keep us safe from people who want revenge, conflict, etc.

Server Map

This is where different groups mainly thrive, and leaving the server regions could result in no connection with that group. These regions also indicate where you are able to download their files.