Our Mission

The Shala helps underrepresented people develop practical skills through creative arts, wildlife habitat stewardship, and permaculture education programs. We accomplish this mission with our 2 charitable programs within local communities.

1. The Shala: The purpose of this volunteer program is to sustain wildlife and their habitats for future generations. This ongoing program in Curlew, WA includes wildlife habitat stewardship, virtual or in-person workshops teaching sustainable permaculture practices, training venue for local first responders, and university-sponsored forestry or agriculture education. 100% of donations received are used to fund wildlife and forest stewardship programs.

2. For Good Cause: The purpose of this volunteer program is to provide free creative and practical arts education for underprivileged women and children. Our past and current creative arts and homesteading workshops help participants learn creative and practical skills to build confidence, independence, and self-sufficiency. 100% of fundraising proceeds fund future arts education programs.

100% volunteer 501c3 public charity

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