Become a Member of The Robey Trust...

We'd love you to join and support The Robey Trust. Membership subscriptions become due on 1 January 2017. You are also invited to make a donation to support our engine restoration funds. We have restricted funds in place for various individual projects: The Undertype – A dedicated Education Room – The Visitor Reception Area – Site expansion through land clearance – and Machine Shop Facilities. If you would like to identify with one or more of these, we would be pleased if you could state it.

£12.00 for students, pensioners and unwaged

£20.00 for waged/salaried individuals and families

£20.00 for overseas members requiring Newsletters etc sent via e-mail

£25.00 for overseas members requiring Newsletters etc sent via airmail

​If you join after 1st June in a given year the cost will be 50% of the relevant rate above and will run to 31st December of that year.

​If you would like to become a member, print the Application Form and the Gift Aid Declaration, complete the details and forward, along with your subscription, to:

The Membership Secretary, The Robey Trust Ltd, The New Perseverance Ironworks,

Parade Busines Park, Pixon Lane, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 9RQ.

Unfortunately, online sign up is temporarily unavailable.

​For renewals, a Gift Aid Declaration is only required if your personal details/circumstances have changed.

NB: Members will be approved by the Robey Trust Board of Directors as per Article 6 of the Constitution, which states “ Any member of the public may apply for membership, providing that there is no evidence to suggest that the potential member does not share in the aims and objects of the Trust, will seek to preserve and enhance the good name of the Trust, will not harm its reputation, will look after and wisely and economically use the assets of the Trust, and will not place him/herself or others in any hazardous situation”... Anyone who's membership is refused, will be given a full refund / cheque returned, destroyed.

Donate to The Trust...

We are all volunteers, and rely on the help and support of donations, whether big or small. If you love what we do, and would like to see The Trust continue its aims and objectives, please consider donating to us.

You can do so very simply through the PayPal link.

Unfortunately, the paypal link is temporarily unavailable


"Getting Britain Giving" is an initiative introduced by the Government to boost charitable giving. From April 6th 2000 charities have been able to reclaim the tax on gifts of any amount from donors who are UK taxpayers and have completed a simple Gift Aid Declaration. By completing a Declaration you will enable The Robey Trust Ltd to reclaim from Inland Revenue the tax paid on any donations at no extra cost to the donor. This actually means that a subscription of £10.00 is worth £12.50 to the charity. One form can cover all donations made by an individual and the Gift Aid Declaration also replaces traditional Covenant forms. So please complete a Declaration as well as your membership form and return it with your subscription/donation. Thank you.


1. You can cancel the Declaration at any time by notifying the charity.

2. You must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the charity reclaims on your donations in the tax year (currently 25p for each £1 you give).

3. If in the future your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax equal to the tax that the charity reclaims, you can cancel your declaration.

4. If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return.

5. If you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, ask the charity or ask your local tax office for leaflet IR65.

6. Please notify the charity if you change your name or address.