Thermal Blanket


Infants have difficulty thermoregulating properly. Hospitals have difficulty providing specific temperatures for each patient. Specific parts of the body may require different ideal temperatures. A novel sleeping pad can provide better health care, patient comfort, improved thermal management, and data collection.

System Specifications

Power System - Needs to be able to power 16-Channel Relay Module in parallel to each other and power Raspberry Pi 3

Cooling System - Ability to connect tubing in pads to valves in cooling system

Temperature Sensors - Needs the ability to identify new temperature sensors when new pad is added, sampling rate is every 5 seconds and needs to be within 1°C precision

Application - Check if connection is valid every second and updates all displays within 2 seconds

Block Diagram

Our Advisor

Professor Burleson - "Batman"

Our Team

Sammy - "Mr. Freeze"

Jordan - "Two-Face"

Reno - "Ra's al Ghul"

Jacky - "Riddler"

Michael - "Joker"


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