Updated on 11/26/2017

Director Contact Info

Mr. Cisneros

Band Director

River City High School

(916) 375-7800 ext. 2210

Director's Email: rcisneros@wusd.k12.ca.us

River City Instrumental Music Handbook.pdf

The instructor will follow the school’s Discipline Matrix. Because the musicians are constantly on display, each member must always be aware of the importance of good behavior. We are not just playing a gig; we are putting on a show. When we perform, you must remember that you are not individuals. We represent the instructors, the ensemble, the school, and the community whenever we perform or appear in public. Our program has worked very hard to establish a solid reputation in music, professionalism and esprit de corps. Chronic or severe poor behavior will result in removal from the ensemble.

Local Music Stores

  • Kline Music 2200 Sutterville Road, Sacramento, CA 95822 (916)456-8242
  • Tim’s Music 2812 Marconi Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)925-9160
  • Skip’s Music 2740 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)484-7575
  • Watermelon Music 207 E Street, Davis, CA 95616 (530)758-4010


Additional Policies:

  • The band director may alter this document at any time in any way to meet the ongoing needs of our continuously changing program.
  • The band director has total discretion when it comes to performances. This includes, but is not limited to, the personnel, music selection, or event. If the student is not able to participate in a performance there will be an alternate assignment available for full credit.
  • We are asking that the parents of each musician donate $100 and volunteer 10 hours of work to the program or $200. This will help us with our annual expenses and provide a rich educational experience for the students. The River City Regiment is committed to working with parents to provide as much as we can for the budget that we have.