Updated on 11/26/2017

Director Contact Info

Anthony Marvelli

Director of Bands

River City High School

(916) 375-7800 ext. 2210



Welcome to the River City High School Band Program. We have multiple opportunities for students to experience a well-rounded music education. Our performing wind bands consist of Wind Ensemble, RC Big Band, RC Basketball Band, Symphonic Band, and The River City Regiment (Marching Band). In this handbook, you will find information, expectations and policies of the program.

Participation Policy

Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Improvisation and Styles are performance-based courses that require a student’s attendance and participation outside of regular school hours (including weekends). Unlike an athletic team, where only a select number of people play at any given time, being part of a musical ensemble is unique because all musicians perform at the same time all of the time. No Musician “sits on the bench.” Your attendance is a critical component to the success of the program. You must let the director know as soon as possible about any conflict you may have with the schedule. The schedule is available on our website: www.rivercityregiment.com/calendar. If you habitually miss rehearsals or performances, you will lose your spot in the ranking of the section. If you must miss an event that is not a competition then you will need to pay for or find a substitute that is capable of covering your music with no rehearsal. This could be as much as $50 for a single performance.

Marching Camp

Camp is required for all marching students. This camp will include instruction in marching fundamentals and other basics skill necessary to the class. Each year the music boosters pay for the field show drill to be written by a professional. If you are not at camp, I cannot have the drill writer include a spot for you on the field. You will automatically become an alternate. Alternates will only participate in the field show if a spot opens up. Field shows make up a small portion of the class. You are not required to attend events which only have a field show presentation, but you will have to complete an alternative assignment for the purpose of earning the points towards your final grade. You can also attend the trip and help with the set up/tear down to receive full credit.


Performances are a required part of the course. You will be given a performance schedule well in advance. Please make note of this and bring any conflict to the director’s attention ASAP. Please submit, in writing, any nonemergency conflict by the first week of the term. In the event of a missed performance, the director, on an individual basis, will determine if the missed performance will be excused. If a missed performance is due to an emergency, a note from a parent explaining the reason is due the next day. Any performance that is not excused by the director will result in no participation credit.

Alternate Assignments

Students with an approved absence (by the director) will be able to do an alternate assignment for equivalent credit. Makeup concerts do not exist in the real world or my class.

Competitions/Festivals/Field trips

Competitions, festivals and field trips are a large part of our program. By participating in these events it give us perspective and focus when we shape our music program. While you are at these activities you are to remain on the campus of the event location or in an area instructed by the director. You are to maintain good behavior at all times and be an example of how others should act. If you see anything that does not represent our school in the best possible light please bring it to staff members’ attentions ASAP. Any student using alternate mean of transportation than the band is providing must have their guardian fill out a transportation release form. click here (link coming soon)


Rehearsals are essential to musical success! It is expected that you will make all scheduled rehearsals. Excessive attendance problems may result in removal from performances. If you miss any rehearsal for any reason (including present but not participating) you have four options to earn the points:

  • Schedule a 15-minute lesson with the director on your band parts
  • Record a 15-minute practice session at home and submit an audio recording of it to the director
  • Watch a YouTube tutorial on your instrument and write one paragraph describing what you learned
  • Watch three YouTube videos of professionals on your instrument and write one paragraph describing what you learned

Dress for Performances

Marching Band: Your uniform (issued by the program) must be worn in the manner which you are trained by staff. This includes hair, makeup and jewelry. You are required to wear a tee-shirt (with sleeves) and gym shorts under the uniform. Students will need to purchase marching shoes, gloves, a band shirt and a flip folder. Please see Mr. Marvelli for information on obtaining these items. Eating and drinking in the uniform is strictly prohibited. This includes candy and gum. You may have water which will be provided by the band boosters when necessary.

Symphonic Band/Wind Ensemble/RC Big Band: Formal concerts require black attire.

Men: Black shoes, slacks, socks, and Black collar button long sleeve shirt women: either the same as men or black long dress and black dress shoes. For concerts that are more casual the band shirt, Jeans and tennis shoes will be used. Student who do not follow the dress code will be prohibited from performing with the ensemble!


To be successful at anything in life, you need to apply yourself. To be a successful musician, you need to practice. It is up to you to do your homework (practice) for rehearsals. You should practice for rehearsals, tests, challenges and performances. Check with your directors for time available to help. The more you practice, the better we all sound! In addition to practicing, you will have a check-off sheet. You must get each exercise checked off by the instructor outside of rehearsal and performance time.


  • Have your instrument and music every day, including REEDS or VALVE/SLIDE OIL
  • Help set up and tear down on gigs
  • Try to improve every day
  • A no. 2 pencil at all rehearsals
  • Have respect for each other
  • Follow school and class rules
  • Maintain your instrument
  • NO CELLPHONE usage during rehearsal except for a tuner

Discipline and Behavior Policy

The instructor will follow the school’s Discipline Matrix. Because the musicians are constantly on display, each member must always be aware of the importance of good behavior. We are not just playing a gig; we are putting on a show. When we perform, you must remember that you are not individuals. We represent the instructors, the ensemble, the school, and the community whenever we perform or appear in public. Our program has worked very hard to establish a solid reputation in music, professionalism and esprit de corps. Chronic or severe poor behavior will result in removal from the ensemble.


  • You are ready to rehearse when the conductor is in front of the ensemble
  • You may not touch any percussion equipment without permission
  • Use self-control as to not disrupt the flow or focus of the rehearsal
  • Stop playing when you are cut off
  • Maintain good behavior during performances (especially on music trips)
  • No running or rough housing in the room
  • No food or drinks in the band room (unless approved by the instructor)


Your grade is made up of the following:

  • Performances (100 points each)
  • Rehearsals (5 points each)
  • Performances Standards check-off Sheet (100 points). This sheet will be given to you at the beginning of each semester. It has various musical skills which you must demonstrate proficiency. You may perform these for the instructor outside of class time. It is your responsibility to keep the sheet and make sure that it is turned in by the end of the semester.

Local Music Stores

  • Kline Music 2200 Sutterville Road, Sacramento, CA 95822 (916)456-8242
  • Tim’s Music 2812 Marconi Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)925-9160
  • Skip’s Music 2740 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)484-7575
  • Watermelon Music 207 E Street, Davis, CA 95616 (530)758-4010


I am looking forward to a great year. I will do my best to improve on a daily basis and I expect the same attitude from you. Music is a journey. Please try to develop a love of the trip and not the final destination. That is for the audience to enjoy. I consider each performer a fellow musician. It is an absolute honor for me to work with each of you. Let’s make some great music this year!

Additional Policies:

  • The band director may alter this document at any time in any way to meet the ongoing needs of our continuously changing program.
  • The band director has total discretion when it comes to performances. This includes, but is not limited to, the personnel, music selection, or event. If the student is not able to participate in a performance there will be an alternate assignment available for full credit.
  • We are asking that the parents of each musician donate $100 and volunteer 10 hours of work to the program or $200. This will help us with our annual expenses and provide a rich educational experience for the students. The River City Regiment is committed to working with parents to provide as much as we can for the budget that we have.