Resilience Mentoring and Tutoring

Supporting your Primary School Child

Implementing the Growing Systems of Success PhD Framework to Boost Resilience

Guildford, UK & OnLine

A Personalised Programme of Tuition to Support your Child:

  • Up-Grading
  • Skill Gap Bridging
  • Confidence Boosting

Responding to your child's needs

What do the children say?

Mrs Tyson is a GREAT Teacher. She is very kind and very helpful.

Mrs Tyson is a calm caring teacher. Her belief phrases really help encourage me to believe I can do it. I really like how she teaches.

Mrs Tyson is a nice, calm and thoughtful teacher.

Mrs Tyson is fun.

Mrs Tyson is lovely and calm and understands children well. She is relaxed and kind. There is an aura of kindness when she teaches us.

I love the yoga she does too.

To improve your teaching I would add some jokes.

Mrs Tyson is a fun teacher. I like her quizzes.

I like your yoga work because it makes me relax carmfully. Thank you for helping me with my maths

I love our creative time too.

I like it when you tell stories.

A Tyson 5 Hour Tuition TurnAround:

  • One to One Maths or English tuition at mutually convenient times
  • Parenting Advice and Support
  • Resilience Coaching for your Child


£80 per 1 hour session, or purchase a block of 5 hours to be used between February - December 2019. £275

To book an initial free interview to explore how we can best work together to support the social, emotional and academic needs of your child, please click on the button at the bottom of the page.

Who Am I?

A creative, nurturing, and innovative Education and Wellbeing Consultant. Working alongside a variety of organisations, including schools, charities & businesses.

Full DBS.

​I usually work from my home in Burpham, Guildford. Travel is possible with additional travel time and costs invoiced to you.

A photo of me teaching out in Tanzania. We took our children out there for a 2 year adventure when they were 6 and 8.