The Refill Station Ltd

22 Market Place, Hexham, NE46 3NX

Established in 2020, The Refill Station ltd was born as David and Annie decided to embark on their self-employed journey. Together they created a shop that allowed customers to bring their own containers to be refilled with a great range of dried foods, confectionary treats, household cleaning, and, bath and body products. Also instore you can find a selection of plastic-free homeware, gift cards, and much more...

But why refills you might ask! Great question. The average person in the UK throws out around 400kg of trash per year and with an average recycling rate of 45%, we are still sending 55% or 12m tonnes in total to landfills. So, rather than getting rid of that ice cream tub, bread bag, or plastic bottle, why not bring them in and eliminate the need to create more packaging waste!

But it doesn't stop at waste. Here at The Refill Station ltd we also ensure our products are ethically sourced and all our household and bath and body refills are cruelty-free! You'll also find some great vegan-friendly alternatives and our favourite shelf filled with slave-free chocolate bars!