Associate AOGPE level course

This course is available only to those who have already taken the Classroom Educator course with instructor Dawn Nieman (F/AOGPE) and Valdine Bjornson (FIT/AOGPE) or another AOGPE Fellow (prior approval required; contact the Reading and Learning Clinic of Manitoba). A Bachelor's degree is also required for Associate Level accreditation.


Location: Centro Caboto Centre, 1055 Wilkes Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Date: November 16-20, 2020


The course has a shortened lunch. Please bring own lunch and snacks.

Cost: 900$ for 5 days of training

Optional Practicum: 10 observed lessons from approx $700-800 USD (including 5 lessons from Classroom Educator practicum)

OG Tutor-Practicum Option *


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The Reading and Learning Clinic of Manitoba

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This Associate Level course is designed for teachers specifically interested in teaching students with Dyslexia or a Language-Based Learning Disability or Reading/Spelling Difficulty.

Teachers will learn to work in a 1:1 setting using diagnostic and prescriptive strategies to allow for maximum student growth. The course includes all topics from the Classroom Educator level as well as:

  • Learning to read and interpret neuro-psychological testing
  • Grammar and writing skills
  • Intermediate phonics and morphology
  • Latin roots
  • Vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency
  • Mock tutoring session with evaluation and critique

Associate Training is a minimum of sixty hours of training designed for those interested in learning all topics taught in Classroom Educator as well as writing, grammar, and advanced phonics.

An OPTIONAL practicum consisting of ten formal observation (possibly 5 from CE training and 5 from Associate) and a minimum of one hundred hours of instruction over 8 months is required for Academy accreditation. There is also a reading list and application process. To read more about the various levels, see

Please also Review the Associate Training Syllabus.

Additional Note: This is an accreditation-track course approved by the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators and taught by a highly experienced AOGPE Fellow and Fellow-in-Training. TEN formal observations (including 5 formal lessons in the CE practicum, if completed), by a Fellow of the Academy, and a reading list are also required before applicants apply by completing an application, lesson plans, and a profile of their student to be submitted to the Academy. Teachers will then be certified to work with groups of students and/or 1:1 in and outside of a school setting.

The Associate trainee adheres to the Academy’s Code of Ethics and understands the privileges and responsibilities of the Associate member.

Trainees will demonstrate understanding of and ability to teach the following instructional topics:

  1. Reading Acquisition in All Learners including the brain basis of reading and the essential components of good reading instruction.
  2. Dyslexia
  3. The Orton-Gillingham Approach
  4. Assessment
  5. The Lesson Plan
  6. Adaptation of Orton-Gillingham for Classroom Instruction

Required Readings for Optional Practicum:


The Orton-Gillingham Approach was developed by Samuel T. Orton, June Lyday Orton, Anna Gillingham, Bessie Stillman, and Paula Rome. By reason of their various specialties, they provided strength in neurobiology, medical evaluation, and the psychology and pedagogy of education. All courses and practica considered essential for membership in the Academy derive directly from the work of these pioneers. Many students of Sam and June Orton, Anna Gillingham, Bessie Stillman, and Paula Rome generated their own excellent programs and instructional materials based on the foundations of their multi-disciplinary training. Those programs and materials, which the Academy recognizes as Orton-Gillingham based, may be used in addition to the primary works listed as required readings, but should not replace them.


At the Associate level, the readings below are designed to add a broad background and knowledge base to communicate the essentials of effective literacy instruction, components of the Orton-Gillingham Approach, and the structure of our language.

Possible additional costs:

  • Materials Fee: $450 for Latin materials and $600 for basic materials if the trainee does not already own word and sentence cards
  • Application Fee/1st Year Membership for AOGPE: $175

While many teachers find these packaged resources convenient, others make them themselves.

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The course has a shortened lunch and attendees might prefer to bring a bagged lunch. Snacks and beverages will NOT be provided.


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