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"www.theproplayer.com" has been setup primarily to support players at the professional level in the journey to achieving maximum potential in performance. Think about it... Every other aspect of the pro player's life has evolved and been individualized in high performance sport in the last two decades. Top players now have individual physical development plans, sometimes from club and country, individual injury prevention plans, individual nutrition plans and their own personal psychological strategies that work to maximize their own performance within the wider setting of the "team."

Yet, traditional performance analysis has and always will focuses on the"team," the big picture and rightly so.

We offer personal performance analysis for you, the individual. We study your game footage and provide you with the feedback that can make the difference in you becoming the best version of you. Imagine taking control of all that and being the driver of it? Imagine having the ability to maintain a bank of examples showing "you at your best" and holding the power to build that portfolio year on year? When you are a "www.theproplayer.com" athlete... you don't have to imagine anymore - we do it for you.

The second part to being a "www.the proplayer.com" athlete is just as exciting. Every player knows when they are "at it." The spells in a season when everything just clicks for you. Last season Sam Kerr of Sky Blue FC was amongst numerous players who emerged in the NWSL as the "in form player of the year" but what was it that she did in games to make such an impact? Jodie Taylor won the UEFA Golden boot at Euro 2017 - how did she do it? Ever wondered what is it that Jesse Lingard is doing at United this season that has him being talked about as a world beater or what it is specifically that Mohamed Salah is doing that is making him so unplayable since joining Liverpool? Just how did Shaktar Donetsk beat Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League group stages this year when nobody else can get close? How about a young centre back like Andreas Christensen? How has he broken into the Chelsea starting lineup as a relative unknown? We provide you with current, relevant and useful performance analysis of the top performers that emerge throughout a season in the major leagues and competitions around the world. Again straight to your inbox, complete with graphics and explanations that break it all down giving you the ability to use it in your performance next time you kick off.

This is why we launched "www.theproplayer.com." We are 100% player to player referral and our endorsements will be our quality mark.

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