Class Descriptions


>> REFORMER class is a 55 minute Pilates class with up to five clients (minimum of three clients) on reformers and using various other equipment.

>> GYROTONIC® Class is a 55 min. class on the Gyrotonic® towers with a maximum of 3 people. This is a semi-private class that requires GYROTONIC® training/prior experience before attending. $40 per class.

>> GYROKINESIS® class is taught on a stool and mat and enhances all of your other activities by keeping the body healthy moving through the central nervous system.

>> PILATES MAT and PROP MAT classes are a series of fluid floor work exercises done on Pilates mats on the floor using one's body weight and various props to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body. These classes are designed to develop a strong foundation for all of your Pilates work and to get you in great shape! Mat classes are a great way to add an extra workout to your week at a very affordable price.

>> ADULT BALLET is a 55 min. class primarily at the ballet barre to work on strength, stretch and balance. This is all the fun and benefits of taking a ballet class without the stress. Wear what you want and work at your own pace. Enjoy moving your body in the ballet vocabulary in a classically styled barre class but with attention to what adults need.

>> EISCHENS YOGA® is a style of yoga that anyone can try regardless of your familiarity with yoga. The poses in a class are simple so the student can focus on understanding what muscles are and are not engaged. The idea that how you feel after the pose is as important as how you feel during the pose. When balance returns to muscles and the skeleton, balance will also return to the breath and the energy. Observing the effects of different parts of your practice is key to self-awareness, and teaches how to work on your own correctly.

>> MOM A LATES® is a Pilates mat class to get mom back in shape with her baby. Bring your baby 0-9 months old for this fun exercise and bonding experience for you and baby.

>> BARRE CLASS includes exercises at the barre, choreography and correct biomechanics of movement. The class utilizes the power of music to create safe classes that focus on increasing strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. It truly is a class fun and challenging for everyone—no dance experience required!

>> TRX CLASSES The TRX system consists of two straps anchored to the wall. This method allows you to utilize your own body weight to build strength, stability, balance and power. The amount of resistance is up to you. Pilates principles and exercises are incorporated in the TRX method. This is a fun challenging class to supplement your other workouts. Class is limited to 5 people.

How do I know what to sign up for?

>> Class times are designed to help clients find the right class for their schedule and to allow them to experience a variety of trainers. Classes are limited to five people and have a minimum number of three people required to maintain the reduced price of $35 each per class.

Purchasing a class package can save you $$$$.

  • Package of 10 classes = $300 (6 month expiration date.)

Special Introductory Reformer Class Package

  • $350 includes three private sessions and four classes.
  • Special Reformer Class Drop-in: $35 per class; 10 pack $300.
  • 55 minute class (up to five clients) on Reformer and using a variety of other equipment.

Reformer classes do need some prior experience before starting. You can determine how much training you will need after a private session.

  • Non-Reformer Class Drop-in: $20 per class; 10 pack $175
  • Yoga, Barre, Mat, Ballet and TRX classes are $20 per class.
  • 10 class package=$175