Monday State of Mind Excerpt



Cypris Resort Austin Texas

Amrita woke to Garrick squeezing the air out of her lungs, and she fought to release his arms and legs coiled around her, calling out his name as loud as she could breathlessly.

The phone ringing on the nightstand broke his subconscious embrace, freeing Amrita from his potentially deadly grasp.

Amrita reached over to the phone and puffed “Hello” quietly into the handset.

Garrick rolled over onto his back staring at the white void beyond the ceiling.

He was understandably embarrassed, was hoping to avoid the expected discussion with Amrita, let alone relive what had caused his subconscious panic attack.

Amrita voice and breathing returned to normal while talked on the phone, and Garrick rolled off the bed, walking into the bathroom. Soon, Amrita joined him in the shower, wrapping her arms around his soapy body, squeezing his slippery flesh tightly, but nowhere near as intensely has he had done to her moments before.

She kissed his back as she said, “That was Maw… the girls are on their way back and we’re meeting up with them in Lockhart for dinner. We have just enough time to shower, and change before we need to leave.”

Her hands reached around under his arms, filling themselves with his pecks in the same way he had fondled many of his lover’s breasts, as she spoke into his back, “Garrick… is there something you want too, or need to talk about? I’ve never had a man hold on to me that tightly before. It was kind of scary, and I can only assume you were having a bad dream of some kind.”

He turned around in her arms; his arms entrapping hers as his hands slid further down her back while kissed her. His hands filled themselves with her wet cheeks, pulling her closer to him before relaxing his embrace admitting, “You’re right, it was just a bad dream. I’m sorry if I hurt you; I didn’t mean too.”

Amrita nodded, knowing there was more to it than a bad dream, and more to him. She returned his smile, then brushed her lips across his, caressing his hard as steel arms as she kissed him.

Leaning back slightly, she pushed the issue offering with heartfelt sincerity, “I will respect your privacy, but, if you’re going to do something like that to Elsie, you really should consider telling her why, or warn her it might happen.”

Garrick nodded before the two playfully washed each other. While their soapy hands savored the curves and features of the other’s body, Garrick thought about Amrita’s suggestion and knew she was right, “As much as I want to, needed to, wake up next to the same woman every morning; at some point I’m going to find myself doing the same thing to Elise; or worse,” he told himself.

Garrick could not hide the truth of his condition for very long, telling himself, “Something is going to happen between us eventually; when she’s ready. But I’m not sure I’ll be ready when she’s ready.”

“That’s too confusing to think about right now,” he smirked to himself, returning his intimate attention to the woman he was currently sharing a shower with, Amrita.

As they dried each other off, he continued struggling with an on-going internal dialog, debating if he should leave Elsie with Amanda and Avery, or take her with him, or, worse, telling her the truth. He also considered, “I could simply disappear and deal with my own problems, on my own; just like I did with Sasha.”