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Where you can learn about ancient practices that build inner peacefulness and joy,
which help us live more peaceful and happiness filled lives.

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Welcome to a journey where we all can grow and learn. Where we all come from different traditions, perspectives, and backgrounds. It's about learning, experiencing, and being together in finding a way of inner peace and joy. Finding a gracefulness that brings us happiness. In a safe, welcoming, judgement-free, supportive, and nurturing space.

I invite you to keep in touch and stay connected. Together we can live the Charter for Compassion on The Path.
All great work begins within each of us.

With Gratitude, Metta,
Brad ~ Text 757-218-7970

In addition to sharing knowledge, experience, and wisdom;
I also offer mentoring, counseling, and support to anyone who needs someone to listen.
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I have created this page and resources out of a passion for sharing what I have learned. Maintaining the these sites are not free and your support is welcome to help keep growing our community and access to the content we are sharing.
The Buddhist practice of the "Alms rounds" is about the community giving back to the monks in return for their teachings and service to the Sangha (community).
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