Passion Projects 101

There are different programs that have been implemented in schools. Here are some websites that explain in detail as well some slides that cover the essentials done by educators themselves.

#NoPassionLeftBehind Q&A Marcello

20Time provides students the opportunity to follow the three critical ingredients essential to innovation as described in the book Drive by Daniel Pink.

Marcello Mongardi


Copy of #NoPassionLeftBehind Q&A Marty

Autonomously Mastered Purposeful education

AMPed believes this program challenges and inspires students to become agents of their own learning while pursuing projects they wish to complete.

Martin Ruthai


During Genius Hour students of all levels are empowered to explore their own passions. Discover how to transform your classroom into a place where students want to come in and learn.

#NoPassionLeftBehind Q&A Ashley

Student Passion Con is a student led conference, where students get to teach others about their passions. Initially held a “Student Tech Conference” where students got to teach others how to use apps on their iPads.

Ashley Williams