The Oneders offer more than just a concert; they provide an unforgettable experience. Combining a unique and eclectic music selection with a high-energy stage show, they transport you back to those moments when a single song could make your day. Whether it’s an earworm that’s been stuck in your head for years or a forgotten favorite, The Oneders ensure every performance is a journey through musical history, filled with enthusiasm and excitement. Join us for a night where every song brings back memories and every note is a celebration of music’s most surprising hits.

The Oneders (pronounced O'-need-ers), originated from the love of music... not just the biggest hits from the the biggest stars..but the little guys...the guys who made an impact with just one song. The Oneders look for the memories, those songs that make you say "Wow, I haven't heard that song in forever, I love it!" Combine a unique music selection with a phenomenal, high energy stage show, and you almost have what the full Oneders Experience is all about

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Zach Brummel

ZRB Entertainment


Meet the band:

Matt Provost - Guitar/Vocals

Zach Ryan - Vocals/Guitar

Jon Illijc - Bass Vocals

Dean Yeager - Drums