Report Card

The MAC firmly believes in the importance of communication between the school and the home. For this reason, the Progress Report Card is designed to provide information regarding the pupil’s academic and social and emotional development.

What is the purpose of the report card?

The report is a one of the many ways in which the school communicates with parents/guardians about their children’s progress.

When are report cards given?

Report cards are given at the end of each term (every 13 weeks), 3 times a year during scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Parents who cannot attend the conference should contact the teacher to make another suitable time to receive and discussion the results of their child/ children.

Is the report card the only way for parents/guardians to know their child’s progress?

No, Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate with teachers as often as they choose via parent-teacher conferences, notes, telephone calls and emails in order to learn of their child’s progress in school.

Can a parent/guardian request a parent/teacher conference?

Absolutely, it is the parents/ guardians’ privilege and responsibility to meet with their child’s teacher at any time during the school year.