Dress Code Policy

All school wear at the MAC is to be reflective of our Christian values. Our standards are designed to promote modesty, neatness, identification and safety.

MAC pupils are to be dressed in appropriate attire, whether on campus or field trips. Pupils who do not dress in the correct uniform will be removed from the classroom or activity. The pupils will be asked to changed their clothing to meet the school standards. If necessary, parents/guardians may be contacted and asked to provide the necessary change of clothing.


1. Boys in Cycle 1 and the Early Stimulation Centre must wear short navy blue trousers.

2. Boys in Cycle 2 wear short or long trousers

3. All boys wear navy blue socks.

4. Trousers must be worn at the waist.

5. Plain black belts without ornamentation must be worn with the trousers.

6. No earrings


1. Girls in Cycle 1 and the Early Stimulation Centre must wear tunics.

2. Girls in Cycle 2 may wear tunics or skirts.

3. Tunics and skirts must fall at the knees or slightly below.

4. Girls are to wear teal socks.

5. A simple pair of small earring may be worn.

6. No facial make-up

Boys and Girls

1. All clothes must fit properly.

2. Frayed, dirty, or ripped uniforms are not acceptable.

3. Only a plain white or blue t-shirt may be worn under the uniform. Sleeves of the t-shirt must not extend below the uniform shirt.

4. Hair should be neat, clean, no coloured, or bleached hair. No extreme hairstyles, no hair extensions.

5. No body piercings or tattoos

6. A simple wristwatch may be worn

7. Shoes are to be worn at all times. The shoes MUST be solid black or solid navy blue. Flip-flops, open-toed sandals, boots, slip-on shoes are not permitted.

PE Uniforms

PE uniforms are to be worn during the PE time only. Pupils are to wear the MAC white PE uniform shirt and the MAC navy blue PE uniform shorts.


A pupil may choose not to wear the school uniform and to dress in appropriate casual clothing for his or her birthday. Parents should still make sure that the casual clothing to be worn reflects Christian values and are suitable for school activities.