Discipline Policy

To learn you must love discipline. Proverbs 12: 1

The primary goal of the MAC Discipline Plan is to guide and direct learning. Effective discipline helps to develop self-discipline and self-control in the pupil’s life.

If a pupil exhibits a continual refusal to cooperate with the school it can and may result in the pupil’s suspension or expulsion from the school.

The MAC administration retains the privilege of disciplining a pupil by omitting steps if deemed necessary. Fighting, disrespect, the use of inappropriate language and dress code violation all have the potential of leading to immediate discipline procedures.

All classrooms shall use a coloured card system for tracking classroom discipline. Each coloured card represents the following:

Procedural Steps:

Step 1- Classroom /level

1. Green Card = Good

2. Yellow Card = 1st warning

3. Blue Card= 2nd warning: Pupil/Teacher Conference

4. Red Card = 3rd Warning: Parent/ Teacher Conference (via telephone, letter or face to face)

5. Brown Card= 4th Warning: Office Visit. Teacher presents pupil’s file to administration

The students shall sign a log sheet after each offense. After the third offense and for each subsequent offense, a written referral shall be made to the office.

Step 2 –Office Visit

1. First Visit= Principal/Pupil/Teacher Conference

2. Second Visit= Principal/Pupil/ Parent Confernce

3. Third Visit= School Counselor/ Student Care Coordinator Intervention

4. Fourth Visit=Sent home and official suspension posted in pupil’s record

Teachers are responsible for communication and enforcement of classroom policies. Teachers directly handle all classroom discipline issues. However, any pupil involved in any of the following situations shall be immediately referred to the school administration.

1. Disrespect and defiance of authority

2. Destruction of property/ vandalism

3. Drugs, alcohol and weapon possession

4. Obscene language

5. Fighting

6. Stealing/theft

7. Leaving the school premises without permission

The list above is by no means exclusive or exhaustive. A pupil committing any of the above may result in his/her immediate suspension or expulsion.