Online exposure for Veterinarians

What online exposure can mean to your Veterinary Practice.

Do you know that in the 21st century you can attract more customers via social media than the traditional way of word by mouth? Social media offers great exposure for your veterinary practices and allowing more customers onboard, which will mean that you will be able to help more animals in need in your area.

Benefits of using Social Media for your Veterinary Practice

People search for information for pets and veterinary practices for themselves.

Your veterinary practice could provide more information about and educate your customers with regards to the following types of animal care:

  • How to care for your animals
  • Animal products that you sell at your practice
  • Importance of microchipping
  • Importance of getting rid of fleas and deworming
  • What to do when you suspect that your animal/s was bitten by a snake, stung by a bee
  • Parvo signs in puppies and if older dogs can be exposed
  • What services you offer at your veterinary practice
  • Building awareness of your veterinary practice brand
  • Potential customers becoming your loyal customers
  • More engagement with your customers
  • Monthly competitions
  • Driving traffic to your platforms, etc.

What should you post on your Social Media?

The rule for posting on social media is 80/20 content. This means that:

  • 80% Non-promotional content, e.g. educational, informative, engaging, entertaining, introducing yourself and your team etc.
  • 20% Promotional content, e.g. information relevant to your business.

Not following this rule can result that your online customers might lose interest in your business if you continuously sell your business.

What platforms can you use for your Social Media exposure?

Understanding that social media is very important to gain more online exposure and attract more potential customers by promoting your social media channels, you now need to identify which platforms will give you the most exposure online e.g.:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Using these platforms, these are a few things you can do:

  • Be consistent and post relevant and quality information or content that will drive engagement
  • Satisfying your customers needs
  • Respond to messages and not ignore your customers
  • If you are doing it right and what can you do better to improve your engagement.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Have you heard of a Virtual Assistant, usually referred to as a VA, before?

  • Do you know that a Virtual Assistant can help you with your social media platforms?

How may you ask?

  • A virtual assistant is a lady/gentleman that is self-employed and provides various services to small business owners from a remote position. They usually have all their own equipment at their office and saves the small business owner overhead cost of a permanent employee.


Ask yourself, are you interested in getting more online exposure and expanding your client base? Do you want to hire a VA that can help you with your social media platforms?

Contact Thelma’s VA Services and let’s build a working relationship and give your business a boost online. If you would like to contact me or book an appointment, please follows these links, phone me or make an appointment.





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