I am an adopted rescue... My name is Vice

On 11 November 2017, it was six months since Vice, then still named Bryce boarded his flight in JHB. His flight was delayed, and he only arrived at Cape Town International Airport, the evening of 11 May at 18H00.

The first time he was taken out of his crate and I picked him up at the BA pet lounge, mommy was head over heels in love with this beautiful little soul. In the beginning, we had some wee-wee and poo problems, but that was all because he had to get used to his new environment and home, but he quickly learned the ropes following his brother, Vrommel.

The first few nights he slept most of the night in mommy’s arms but these days he likes to be independent and would sometimes sleep in their custom build bone bed or tight against Vrommel. His favourite toys are his plastic yellow duck, his bone that he chews and sucks, which he stole from his big brother as it was his favourite toy as well. He also likes to play with his rogz ball.

He loves to kiss, give kisses, pose for photos, walkies, playing and following Vrommel around. When I take the boys for a walk, Vice is always the first one at the door waiting for me to put his harness on. When he wee-wee’s on the artificial grass he kicks his little legs backwards and makes this funny little growling sounds.

He also likes to smell his brother when he wee-wee’s and one of these days Vrommel is going to wee-wee on his head. He settled in well and It feels like Vice has always been part of the family. He enriches our lives daily and I don’t know what I would ever do without him.

He is one bundle of joy and I love him to the moon and back. I am so grateful to Pug Rescue South Africa for entrusting me with this beautiful little soul. Thank you, Christine, for knowing which little pug would fit in with the family.