Black Cats

Do you believe in the myth that black cats are bad luck? Black cats are also not easily rehomed because of this myth.

Some believe that black cats bring good luck and bad luck. What do you think? I have a black cat that was left behind in the complex I stay in.

It took me eight months tame him and for him to trust me. This is Simba's story. Hope you enjoy it.

Simba was left behind in the complex I stay in when his owner moved and left him behind with no care in the world. It took me about eight months to gain his trust. When I took him to the vet for the first time, the vet said he was just over a year old. He had a hernia, that I decided to have fixed the same day he was neutered on in February 2017.

He is the most loving cat that, believe it or not, calls me "ma". He loves sleeping with my niece or myself during the night. Usually, his favourite activity is playing with what we believe is his imaginary friend in the kitchen.