Benefits of Social Media vs Workshops

The question to ask is the following:

Do you think it is better to connect with your clients socially online or rather in a workshop environment? Many a person will tell you that it is better meeting face-to-face, as you build a long-term relationship with clients, when in fact, you can build lasting relationships when using multiple social media platforms.

You may ask yourself, how can this be done? As a business owner or entrepreneur, you would choose to connect with your target audience in different ways that will build a meaningful relationship with your client.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of connecting via social media or workshops:

Socially Media Online Presence

Create your own Facebook connections:

There are so many ways that you can use your Facebook to create a connection with other social media users. So many business owners, and entrepreneurs, use their own Facebook business page on different community groups on Facebook. There are also many other ways to build connections with your audience, via your website, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, to mention a few. You can create your own Facebook community by creating groups, and you can decide whether it will be a secret, private or public group. You can decide whether you will allow other Facebook users to communicate or participate in your group. You also have the option to run campaigns, ads or boost your post to generate more engagement on your social platform.

Engagement with your connections:

When you post regularly on your Facebook platform you are engaging with your followers. This allows you to gain insight about your followers but also gives you insight into your future potential clients by having a communication pathway with them. Interacting with them on your posts, although commenting on each interaction is not always possible, you can interact with the most interesting comments. Remember the golden rule: “communication is a two-way street” and respond to them timeously if you want to build rapport.

Be visible:

It has been proven that your community would rather engage with your content when it is visible, rather than reading a post. It is recommended that you make use of videos to promote your products and services. By using the live video option on your page, or if you are still practising, make use of other means to create a video, it will give your connections a feeling of acceptance, and inclusion in your group.


Oppose to social media, you can build a long-term lasting relationship with clients via the traditional way of attending a workshop, events and meeting potential clients face-to-face.

Creating relationships:

If you decide to go the route of attending workshops and events, meeting your potential clients face-to-face can be more extraordinary and collaborative. If you attend a workshop, you can build an authentic relationship with your clientele, opposed to only interacting with them via social media platforms. The potential clientele that you meet might not be interested in your services immediately, but when they do need your services, you could be the first one they think of. You can also distribute your business cards or flyers at workshops, which is not possible when you are only using social media platforms.

Sharing your knowledge:

Meeting your potential clientele face-to-face also gives you the advantage of describing your products or services to your fellow audience and answering questions in real time as opposed to trying to explain it in a post on social media. This type of interaction allows your potential clients to trust you, your products and services. This is more advantageous than technology and creates a bigger potential that your clientele will understand you and eventually close the sale, if not immediately, if they are interested in your company.

Personal touch:

In workshops you have the option to read people more easily, as you tend to watch people’s body language. This is from my experience during my training days. The person doesn’t have to say a word, but you can quickly learn what the person is saying by watching them closely. You are also more likely to laugh and share your knowledge and learn from each other, thus building rapport. Although you are attending a workshop, it is also important to let people know how to get in touch with you online. Remember you are building relationships with future clientele. Don’t just randomly throw in a hard sales pitch and make the people feel uncomfortable.


Whether you choose social media or workshops to let the world know who you are, what product and service you offer and making them aware of your branding, is still a personal choice. If you are the shy/introvert type, you would probably choose the social media route, but even then, it would be more beneficial for yourself and your business to attend face-to-face workshops or events.


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