The Lightning Thief

An Introduction to this Unit of Study


Like epic heroes, we must define and contest issues of importance in our own society.

This is our space to record and share the adventures on our epic learning journey.

An introduction to "The Hero's Journey" our call to adventure:

Before we begin this book:


  1. Is a hero someone we respect or admire? or is it something more?
  2. Is a hero some kind of “super hero” with “super powers”?
  3. Does it take a lot of money and fame to be a hero?
  4. Are heroes born or created through circumstance?
  5. What is involved in being a hero?
  6. Can we call ourselves a hero?
  7. Why do we have such a weird relationship with the word hero?
  8. Is there a hero that you identify with?

From: What Really is a Hero Anyway? by Mike Dilbeck

I Need A Hero!

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