How to Order

For the foreseeable future

The Harvest Will be Open for Pickup on Every Saturday

Write out your shopping list and email it to the following address:

Please include your telephone number

The packing team will fill your order, and notify you of how much you owe and when the pickup day will be. It is easier for the Packers if you specify the quantities by Volume - cups, ziploc bags, etc. rather than by weight.

Advice to shoppers

Experience shows that:

1 gallon bag (= 16 cups) of flour is about 4.5 pounds

1 quart bag (= 4 cups) of nuts is a little less than 2 pounds

1 quart bag (= 4 cups) of rice is about 2 pounds

1 inch of cheese is about one half a pound.

We will use these measures to quickly get the approximate weight if you ask for weight rather than volume.

The order deadline is Wednesday, 5:00 PM

and the pickup day is

the following Saturday, 9:45 am to 11:00 am or

until all the bags have been picked up, whichever comes first.

Come to the Harvest as usual, bringing exact change or a check, and a volunteer sitting in the hallway will take your money and give you your bag of items.

We look forward to hearing from you with your Harvest needs. Also if you would like to help with this process, we need shopping bags and many volunteers.

Note the Shorter OPENING Hours - 9:45 - 11:00