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The classic one-player brain-teaser. Follow simple rules to remove pegs; can you get down to just one?

Handmade from solid oak. Choose your colour/s.

Master Mind

1970's code-breaking game for two people.

Handmade from solid oak. Eight different colours supplied.

Halma / Chinese Checkers

Race your opponent/s to get across the board. There are variants of these games for 2-6 players.

Handmade from solid oak. Choose 3 or 6 colours.

Eight Birds on a Branch

Based on a one-player game also know as Eight Men on a Raft, or Eight Frogs on a Pad, this puzzle asks you to swap the colours over, one move at a time. No going backwards!

Handmade from solid oak. Choose your colours.

'Magic' magnetic knife rack

Add some style to your kitchen with this attractive knife rack.

Handmade from solid hardwood. Choose your dimensions.

Hardwood keyring

Keep hold of those keys!

Currently made from oak, walnut and rosewood. Different clasps available.