The Godoys!

Here's another attempt at a website. Look! Pictures!

We drove across the country!

Photos are here.

We borrowed the Frank's RV and camped:

  • In my mom's driveway in Redding (a good test spot)

  • A reservoir in eastern Oregon (pretty, but kinda hot)

  • By a waterfall outside West Yellowstone

  • Along a huge river outside East Yellowstone

  • In a huge empty campground near Mt. Rushmore

  • A friendly farm in Southern Minnesota

  • Outside an air museum in Northern Illinois

  • In the Hopp's driveway in Ohio

  • On really pretty winery in Central New York

  • In a empty campground outside Boston

  • In Keely's driveway on Long Island

  • At a spiffy state park in West Virginia

  • At Leslie's chicken farm in Kentucky

  • Outside the gates of Graceland

  • At a rural brewery in NW Arkansas

  • At a random (but nice) KOA in Central Kansas

  • In the street in front of the Creasy's in Colorado

  • At a secluded (and snowy) campground in Southern Utah

We saw horses!

Photos are here.

We finally drove out to Dobie Meadows and found the horses. Nicole and I had gone a few days earlier (covid lockdown was getting pretty boring) and only saw one lonely horse way out in the middle of nowhere. This time, we left the house earlier and dragged the kids along.

We caught them at prime grazing time.

Nordic State Championships 2020


Cabot and friends took first place at the California Middle School Nordic Ski Championships. Cabot placed second overall (his buddy Cyrus took first). These kids are speedy.

We went to Europe! (and Africa)


A family reunion is a good excuse to get in an airplane an leave our continent.