Material acquired from the Kanu Gandhi estate

Commercial reproductions produced by Kanu Gandhi, probably for the Gandhi centenary of 1969:

173 commercial prints of a close-up of Gandhi’s face, smiling. The prints (16 x 22cm) have a writeup in Hindi at the bottom: “Ten Annas – Copyright: Kanu Gandhi”.

c. 2000 copies of a postcard (9 x 13.5cm) produced for Gandhi’s centenary, depicting Mahatma and Kasturba Gandhi. Writeup on the front: “Shradhhanjali – Kasturba & Gandhiji – 1869-1969 – “GOD IS TRUTH” – Gandhiji - (c) Kanu Gandhi”. The reverse is blank.

79 sets of ten prints (18 x 22cm) from the Kanu Gandhi Collection, each in a green envelope. All photographs show Gandhi with co-workers and associates.

Material acquired from other sources

• 1 Sandpainting Portrait Mahatma Gandhi 48 x 62 cm

• 4 Various paintings and drawings

• 20 T-shirts "My Life is My Message" (black, white)

• 70 Jigsaw puzzles "My Life is My Message" (130 pieces, 28 x 43 cm)

• 1 Mirror (wood/glass) in shape of Gandhi's head, c. 80 x 60 cm

• 500 Childrens paintings (20 x 30cm - 30 x 40cm) of drawing competition "Mahatma Gandhi As I see Him"

• 2000 Stamps of Mahatma Gandhi from c. 120 countries

• 13 Oil paintings of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

• 30 Box files with addresses, photos and information with Gandhi institutions in India and abroa

  • 1 Digitized database which includes all media as displayed on www.gandhimedia.org, incl. all audio visual material of this collection (22.500 items)

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