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The G Squared Collaborative began through our collaboration (Gilbert & Gonzalez) as middle school art teachers at DeLeon Middle School in McAllen, TX starting in 2011, where we still are today. While our personal art styles are different, we both agree that process, creativity and experimentation are the center of a strong visual arts program.

The G Squared Collaborative is our way of bringing our school art program to the public, getting more involved in the local community art scene, and advocating for the importance of art and creativity education.

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Wendy Gilbert

Originally from Connecticut, I'm an artist and art teacher in South Texas. I've lived here for over 20 years.

The teacher in me wants to make my work appear fun and approachable. I utilize the silly imagery as a way to express deeply personal issues usually stemming from frustration, anger or sadness. It is a way for me to give a "voice" to my internal dialog in a public/not public way. To the viewer, the repeated use of imagery alludes to the possibility of a story. It is up to them to determine what that story is.

Wendy has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from The University of Texas Pan American and a Masters in Educational Leadership The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Wendy is certified in Texas for Art EC - 12, Technology Applications & as a 4-8 Generalist

Fred Gonzalez

I am a South Texas Artist and Art Teacher.

I grew up in the 80's and 90's on a healthy diet of Saturday morning cartoons, B-movies, horror flicks, TV, Metal and Hip Hop.

I love to make Art in a variety of styles and mediums and allow my wacky ideas to take form in as natural a way as possible.

I enjoy talking about Art and teaching about Art, and especially creating Art!

Fred has a Bachelors of Art Education from The University of Texas Pan American

Fred is certified in Texas for Art EC - 12

Wendy and Fred are active members of the Texas Art Education Association and regularly present at the TAEA Conference. They are also actively involved in the organization and running of the Region 1 VASE competition.