Who We Are

We are a US PC / PS4 DCUO Family. We formed on 8/4/2016. Our family ranges from new players with little skill points and combat ratings to veteran players at max or close to max skill points and combat ratings.

On average you can find a few people on 24 hours a day, however, our peak times are typically 9:30 pm est. to Midnight est. Between a few weeks before a DLC is released to about 8 weeks after it is released we have 12-24 on at night. During the usually six week lulls between those two end points it is hit or miss how many people we have.

February 01, 2020 Meeting

We pride ourselves on our all inclusive family values. We don't chase after people or mass recruit. We update our thread on the official forum once every one or two months as we learned our lesson our second year. We did a one year anniversary push and brought in 40-70 people in a four week period. We lost the ability to learn about the people we were bringing in and them us. This almost tore our family apart by having a huge culture change. Outside of that incident we have slowly increased our ranks while loosing few people. The only time we have pulled in mass people since then is if we absorb people from a former league.

We do not run newer elites usually, but we do run older ones and chase feats. Most of our members are casual and play for fun and sometimes the elites are a little nerve wracking. We have found that creating events doesn't pan out as well as doing pick-up groups. We do encourage our family that if you want to run something and people aren't on and you want to schedule something, throw it on discord and have an office post on MOTD that you are going to run this event at this date and time.

Please visit our Important Links page for our monthly growth logs. We use these logs for two reason, the first is to show that we truly are active and we get that sounds elitistish, but a lot of our family have been in leagues that we promised activity and there was none. While we go through lulls at the end of some DLC's life, we always want to be transparent about that. The other reason is that we like to reward our members for playing the game. Them playing doesn't just help us but the overall DCUO community and we like to recognize people for their hard work. Our lists help with that.

How to join us

The quickest way to join us is join our Discord Server at https://discord.gg/JhQtHTB. An alternative is to message one of the officers in game for an invite. You can look at the officers page to see who you can watch for.