Course Maps, Info and Downloads


Why an event window? Since the event is for charity where each charity is a winner in our race, we will hold the event on the day with the most ideal weather conditions for the participants.

What is the event window? The window starts one week prior to April fools day and concludes one week after. In a perfect world from a traffic / volunteer / participant perspective we would like to hold the event on a Sunday. So our ideal event dates are March 31st or April 7th.

Is the event chipped? Since we have a small number of race participants, we do not need to be chipped. We will all start the event at the same time and you will have a finish time upon completing the course

Is there on-course support? Yes, we will have on-course support provided by friends, family and volunteers. Aid Stations will be in the area of every 15 miles on the bike and 4 miles on the run.