Google Classroom

How To Create A Google Classroom

  1. Click here for the Slides to the 2018 ASCA Presentation
  2. Click here for the video on how to create your own Google Classroom
  3. Click here to join the support google classroom for school counselors and educators

About Section

Here are recommendations on what to add to the About Section. They should be files that students will need throughout their years at your school and can go to classroom to find them.

    1. Introduction to Counselor/Teacher
    2. Introduction to High School Year/Course
      1. Senior
      2. Juniors
      3. Sophomores
      4. Freshmen
    3. Request to see counselor
    4. How to Contact Counselor/Teacher
    5. Notice of Pending Absence
    6. What to do After an Absence
    7. Work Permit Form
      1. Protocol
      2. Application
    8. Change of Address Form
    9. Overview of Google Classroom (Kunn, 2015)
    10. How to Submit an assignment (Mueller, 2014)
    11. Google Calendar as a Student Planner (Nelson, 2014)
    12. Do Now (Show on Screen)
      1. How to Add gmail to iPhone (Netitude Ltd, 2015)
      2. How to Add gMail to Android (Appzoom, 2015)


  1. Announcements
  2. Special Schedules
  3. Sign Ups (field trips, workshops...)
  4. More!

Adding Other Teachers

Adding Students

Collecting Work

  1. Letters of Recommendation
  2. Schedule Change Requests
  3. Priority Sign Up for AP Course