xc instant vario

instant vario for xc paragliding in landscape mode

xc vario with waypoints and terrain view

An instant paragliding variometer for your smartphone with xc design and visualization that can run with screen turned off in the background to save battery. Big sized and easily readable information including:

Calibration algorithms included to get the most of your smartphones IMU and barometer and tested against across Google, Nokia, Samsung, LG and Xiaomi devices with BMP280, BMP285, BMP380 and LPS22H sensors and IMUs.

Perfect choice for anyone whether you soar around, cruise along, focus on thermal flying

or try your first xc flights. Suitable as:

  • intermediate vario

  • everyday vario

  • backup vario

theFlightVario- xc line comes with an easy to use flightbook to keep an overview of all your flights with you, always. It logs the coordinates of your paragliding flights and provides features like flight duration, take off time maximum height, start height, maximum speed over ground together with an easy to use design.

All flights can be easily shared as .kml file and picture via messenger, Gmail, GoogleDrive and more.

As this is an early access beta version feedback is highly appreciated, so get in touch :-)!

Team theFlightVario

instant vario for xc paragliding in portrait mode