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Bringing the art of the ages to the families of today

Estudio Flamenco Conservatory of Dallas

Free Youth Flamenco Program

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Alex Sanger Elementary Flamenkitos

Free After School Program

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Flame's Mission

The mission of The Flame Foundation is to educate and promote knowledge, skill, and appreciation of the performing and visual arts to children and adults in Dallas TX. Our primary focus is in Flamenco dance, music, and its history.

"Flame brings the art of the ages to the children of today"

Flame's History

In 2009, The Flame Foundation was founded by flamenco dancer and theater actress Delilah BuitrĂ³n and culinary chef/musician Troy Gardner. Both Delilah and Troy have devoted their lives to the pursuit of artistic excellence and teaching children. Inspired by a vision to bring flamenco to a wider audience, they decided to launch The Dallas Flamenco Festival in 2009, in order to educate the community through quality flamenco performances and workshops with professional visiting guest artists. Since 2009, The Dallas Flamenco Festival has provided many opportunities for flamenco oficionados in Dallas. The Dallas Flamenco Festival received international acclaim with interest from many professional flamencos from Spain and around the world who came to Dallas and performed and taught as part of the festival. A festival that began as a 2 week event with primarily adult performances has now evolved into a month long festival filled with everything from family and community showcases to world class flamenco shows. During the festival there are children and adult student performances lead by professional flamencos and theatrical flamenco shows with visiting guest artists.

Flame's Community Achievements, Needs, and Goals

Since Flame's inception of its major and longest running project, The Dallas Flamenco Festival, five very successful dance-theater collaborations have been produced with Ochre House Theater, beginning in 2012. In 2014, one of their collaborations, PERRO Y SANGRE, went on tour to New York City and performed at LATEA Theater.

The Flame Foundation reached a dream community educational goal by launching two free after school FLAMENKITOS programs at Sanger Elementary (DISD) and a FLAMENKITOS program at the Estudio Flamenco Conservatory of Dallas. Recently, more of Flame's Flamenkitos programs have been included as part of the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs artistic programming for 2017-2018 season.

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