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The Beginning...

for Gracianna "Gracie" Marks was months before her much awaited coming-of age Quince (15th) birthday party (that would be THE event to end all Quince parties in one of Upper Manhattan's trendiest hotels!). Suddenly, her upper-crust young teenage world is turned upside-down by her father Dr. James Marks', who decides it is time for a fresh start by moving them both out of their cushy penthouse near Central Park ( the only home Gracie ever knew as it was her only real connection with her deceased mother Carmela) and into their newly rented, fixer-upper, Victorian-style house in the lackluster Christian conservative town of Keller, New Jersey... if she doesn't have enough problems! Gracie is still living with the guilt of never being able to express any true emotions over her mother's battle with Leukemia and ultimate death seven years ago; she's dealing with a nosy and domineering grandmother who winds up moving in with them because of financial difficulties; and on top of everything else, she's harboring inner-conflicts and battles confronting her struggles with Bipolar Syndrome (BPS or Bipolar Disorder).

For Gracie, the concept of God becomes a childish fairy tale. Carmela's faith and the biblical stories she shared about God's unconditional love through the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ seemed to die with her, and Gracie wants absolutely nothing more to do with them.

New possibilities...

...Noah Ferguson. The unassuming and undeniably adorable pastor's son with surprising challenges of his own. Noah overcomes daily with the help of his network of faith-filled friends: Isaiah, who is Noah's foster brother abandoned by his drug-addicted brother Israel and by their imprisoned father Tork; Lori, his first cousin who is a talented worship dancer, but who also fell from grace after becoming a single mom; and Kim, one of Noah's best friends, who possesses an angel-like worship singing voice, but who also has a love-hate relationship with food bordering on an eating disorder.

Gracie soon forms unlikely alliances with them after she begrudgingly begins attending their school Grace Hill Academy. Things become further complicated when she starts questioning and denying her growing attraction to Noah. There's something unshakable about him-other than his heart-squeezing good-looks-that slowly melt her icy heart towards God, then somehow...

...coming home... some welcoming realizations, Gracie re-evaluates her troubled life through a healthier lens of redemption with the help of her new friends, who lead by example.

For the last seven of her fourteen years, Gracie prided herself as being the one in control of her own life and destiny. However, once she uncovers certain startling truths about her family's past, Gracie finally realizes that no human being is in the Right Position of Authority to be their own Higher Power...


  • Author: Laurie J. Perrone
  • Book Cover Model: Michelle Jones
  • Makeup Artist : Danielle Simonelli
  • Photographer: Richard Greer (RichG Photography)



One year later...

... aligning with fond memories of her (Quince) 15th birthday where Gracianna Marks culturally departed from childhood , she also learned some bittersweet lessons that "coming home" to God is only the beginning. Now comes the JOURNEY that is no easy task. As coping with life's circumstances becomes increasingly difficult, Gracie learns the importance of actively CHOOSING TO TRUST GOD COMPLETELY AND WITH ALL HER BEING.

Growing up in the eyes of the world is rite of passage.

Growing up in the eyes of God is something else entirely as He holds us to higher standards that are only possible through HIS GRACE, MERCY, FAVOR, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and STRENGTH.

The Fire in Grace: A Time to Decide

TENTATIVE Publication Date: It's complicated, so look for more details about exact date coming soon! Look for a possible upcoming e book excerpt.)


  • Author: Laurie J. Perrone
  • Book Cover Models: John Perrone & Michelle Jones (picture represents how a father changes the "little girl shoe " to a " young woman shoe" during a Quince ceremony.
  • Photographer:Laurie J. Perrone

The Fire in Grace Series, copyright Laurie Perrone 2007, 2014