The Dugout Club

The Dugout Club is the booster club for the Baseball program at Ryan High School. Our goals and objectives are:

  1. To support the Ryan High School Baseball Program.
  2. To create team spirit by demonstrating that the people in the community support the school.
  3. To encourage good sportsmanship towards officials, the opposing teams, as well as the opposing school fans and visitors.
  4. To supplement additional funding to the Baseball Program through fundraising activities.

Membership dues shall be paid to the Ryan High School Dugout Club in the amount of $20 per household per year or $50 for a lifetime membership. Each household shall have (1) vote per membership. A voting member must have an active player in the program. To vote, a member must attend fifty percent (50%) of meetings in any given year. Members will receive all publications of the Organization and all notices of general meetings held by the organization. These notices of general or called meetings shall be made at least one week prior to the meeting date. Members will have the right to serve as officers, committee chairmen, and committee members. It is mandatory for all board members and committee chairmen to pay the booster club membership dues.