The Droser Paleoecology Lab

Department of Earth and Planetary Science

University of California, Riverside

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Professor Mary Droser

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Research in the Droser paleoecology lab focuses on the ecological and environmental context of evolutionary diversification at various spatial and temporal scales. Much of our research addresses questions about animal-environment interactions including the form and ecology of the Ediacara Biota, the record of the advent and history of bioturbation, the environmental context of Cenozoic encrusters and Oysters and the Redox record of Devonian black shales. We are a field-oriented lab but also make use of IODP cores.

If you are interested in graduate studies in this lab, please contact Mary Droser

Our Statement of Action

Within the Droser Lab at UC Riverside, our hearts ache for the families of George Floyd, Nina Pop, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbury, and so many more that have lost their lives at the hands of police brutality and excessive force in this country. We also realize that these are not isolated events and that this country was built on racism and racist practices that have not been entirely dismantled. We acknowledge the historic role that our education system has played in perpetuating inequalities, but we believe in the power of education to transform our society. The Droser lab is is dedicated to creating a positive, inclusive work environment. We strive to embrace diversity in all forms and reject any form of discrimination. Integrating a diverse set of experiences is critical for a comprehensive understanding of science. We are working to change the lack of diversity through programs like our NSF Geopaths grant, “The Geoscientist Development (GEODE) Program: Recruiting and Engaging the Future Geoscience Workforce” and the department “Geosciences Education and Outreach Program”. Through these programs, we are striving to lay a foundation for those with unique and diverse backgrounds to feel included, and thus succeed, in our science.

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