Judging the science fair at The McGillis School: January 23, 2019

The group of grad student volunteers from the Biomedical Engineering Department.

Luke Bush (PhD student, Deans lab) talking to some of the 6th grade students about their science project.

Pacific Heritage Academy: September 27, 2018

Grab your passport! Dr. Deans, along with some awesome volunteers, embarked on a STEM expedition! Students made passports and filled them out as they rotated through various STEM activities!

The entire group of 8th graders and volunteers.

The volunteers (left to right): Dr. Deans, Nathaniel Wright, Casia Wardzala, Connor Healy, Luke Bush, Megan Young, and Shrinivasan (Cheenu) Raghuraman.

Making passports: Students made passports for their STEM journey - this included getting their picture taken and describing their current interests in STEM fields. They then took their passports to embark on new journeys that included isolating their own DNA, making snot and simulating a sneeze (ewwww), and learning about poisonous cone snails (they do WHAT??). This activity was run by Megan Young (STEM Ambassador Program).

DNA extraction: Students isolated their own DNA from their mouths! This activity was run by Connor Healy (PhD student, Deans lab), and Luke Bush (PhD student, Deans lab)

Snot lab: Using a biomaterial, students learn similar viscous properties of snot - and even measure how far a simulated sneeze travels! This activity was run by Casia Wardzala (PhD student, Kramer lab), and Nathaniel Wright (undergraduate student, Kramer lab).

Snail Lab: The students learned about various cone snails in the ocean and how they catch their prey (how does a slow moving snail catch a fish?). This was run by Cheenu Raghuraman (Postdoctoral Associate, Olivera Lab).

Camp for homeschool children: August 17, 2018

Connor (PhD student, Deans lab) is showing the kids how to swish Gatorade in their mouths for isolating their own DNA.

Connor (PhD student, Deans lab) shows this student how to precipitate DNA.

An amazing group of Homeschool kids and some parents!

Dr. Deans and Connor (PhD student, Deans lab) pose for an obligatory selfie before the camp starts.