Discipleship Materials

Here at The Crucible's Fire, we are so thankful to stand on the shoulders of a couple of millenia of Biblical scholarship and have, via the internet, the largest consortium of theologically sound study material, much of which is made available for free! We have never fancied ourselves as re-inventors of the wheel, but do seek to provide relevant materials for anyone wanting to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord.

On the following pages, we have compiled an impressive stockpile of readily available materials from all over the internet in one easy place. Additionally, we seek to develop and provide our own material based on 23 years of ministry in the local church and progressive sanctification as we are continually transformed into the image of the Son.

If you are seeking to set up a discipleship program at your church, feel free to contact us for information regarding On-Site or Distance Training to assist pastors and leaders in the process of beginning and maintaining a church-wide program.