Our Vision of Education

Students need to explore their place in society and nature. We envision a secular education in which students are engaged in authentic project based work having meaningful impacts on their community and themselves. Their day should exist in a variety of physical spaces that allow for balance in fulfilling their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. They should be exploring and engaging in the work of local farms, school gardens, woodlands, prairies, streams, public spaces, local businesses, university labs, museums, etc. to mold their place in society and the natural world. In order to make these types of experiences meaningful, groups sizes should be kept smaller.

Students should take an active role in the day-to-day operations of their school including management of the school campus, food preparation, museum curation, travel arrangement, scheduling, and any other decision making they can partake in. Student and staff relationships are real and long-lasting.


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Thank you for supporting us on this meaningful journey to explore and implement the future of education in Iowa, we'll continue to take steps to push the boundaries of educational innovation in Iowa.

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Thank you for supporting us on this meaningful journey to explore and implement the future of education in Iowa.


Mike Todd, Collin Reichert, Melissa May-Maxey, Ania Chamberlin, and Andi Todd.