Celebrating Creative Teens in Melrose

A collection of creative pieces from Follow Your Art youth. Students who participated in Neema Avashia's Writing Workshops or Chiara Pieri's Teen Open Studio were able to submit creative works to be published for the community to see. (Hover over pieces and click on the box in the top right corner to enlarge!)

Gino (he/him)

"I’ve always been a pretty artistic guy, I got into digital art like 3 years ago and that’s what I’ve been doing since. I like drawing fan art from my favorite shows, books, and movies as well as landscapes."


"the fells"


"silent tree"


"the forest"

Nox (she/they)

"These pieces were both inspired by my favorite season; Spring. The first piece was taken from a compilation of all my poems, which I hope to publish at some point later on. The second piece I wrote during one of Neema Avashia’s workshops about real bushes that exist in my front yard. I love writing about nature because it’s often overlooked even though it’s Right in Front of You."

Literary Journal Submission

Harrison (he/him)

"I'm a writer and artist and love to create fantasy stories. This poem was slightly inspired by one of my work in progress stories where a man who has recently passed and has forgotten who he was in life, wanders around the mindscape of those who have died. There he asks those who are left in the mindscape the meaning of life and how to spend it well even though the only ones who are left in this afterlife are the ones who regret their lives the most. I hope to finish some of my stories over the summer and create art pieces that can go alongside it."

Harrison's Sonnet