Birth & Breastfeeding Classes

"I'm scared!" "IDK about this birth thing..."

"I want something different."

"I know what I want, I'm just not sure how to get it."

"I didn't like the trauma I experienced last time."

Birth is a natural thing and it should be a beautiful thing. How you E.N.T.E.R. motherhood affects how you mother and how your kids develop. Your birth can be the breathtaking experience you want it to be. Your first step is to get as much information as you can and prepare for the journey.

My courses help you prepare for the birth experience by giving you insight into the natural process to strengthen and help you trust your already present mothering instincts. Preparing for pregnancy, birth and parenting is a rich and worthwhile investment that can save you money, headaches, heartaches and preventable troubles in the future.

This course has been created by AshleeJaye, a trained childbirth educator, trained doula, and certified breastfeeding support leader.

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"Ashlee helped me prepare for a natural birth, achieve my breastfeeding goals and build my support team. I've had the confidence to share my desires and educate others."

-Tee S.

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Full Pack $500

You'll get...

  • Comprehensive Birth Course (Five 60-90 minute Videos detailing the E.N.T.E.R. Method aka the 5 Keys to a Breathtaking Birth) ($500 value)


  • Breastfeeding Myths and Basics (One 60 minute video) ($100 value)
  • Let's Get Ready Videos (Two 30 minutes practice videos that walk you through labor, and relaxation practice) ($100 value)
  • 1 hour Q & A Group Video Call ($100 value)
  • Best Baby Shower Ever Box ($50 value)
  • 5+ Resources including printables and natural childbirth videos ($50 value)

That's $900 value for $500!!!

A La Carte

Mama Knows Best

Everything doesn't always go as planned . This 60+ minute video gives insight on what could arise during pregnancy and labor, details your rights as the birthing mother and defines informed consent. Knowing this info is half the battle when facing racial disparities.

Just Chill

Relaxation is key. This 60+ minute video is all about learning how to develop the much need relaxation skill. If you can properly manage stress during pregnancy and relax during contractions, you can have a breathtaking birth.

Free the Ninnies

Breastfeeding so important. This 60+ minute video explores common myths around breastfeeding held by Black people and shares the basics for how to breastfeed.

Your Baby Manual

They say babies don't come with manuals. Mine did; a 60 page booklet answering a bunch of the most common baby questions. Here's your video version.


Eating for Two

This 60+ minute video is all about proper nutrition for a healthy pregnancy and easier labor and birth. Vegan/ Plant based focused.

Keep it Movin

This 60+ minute video is all about exercise for a healthy pregnancy and easier labor and birth. We'll also explore labor positions and practice what to do during a contraction.

All items are property of Community Matters LLC. All videos and information given is for educational purposes only and should NOT be deemed as medical advice, recommendations nor diagnoses.