My Innovations

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Mommy Coaching

You have standards and desires different than what you grew up with. You find it hard to break free and find ways to parent beyond the status quo. You may need a parent coach, someone who can help you make the connection between your goals and your daily actions.

Schedule a call with me to see if I would be a good fit for you.

Mommy Socials

Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with other mamas is essential to avoiding social isolation and depression. It truly takes a village to raise a child and this is one way to build a village.

Join us the 1st Saturday of each month for food, conversation, and accountability. Bring the kids!

Best Baby Shower Ever Box

The Best Baby Shower Ever Box is an event planning kit that uses games and activities to teach family and friends about birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum care. It's the fun way to get mom the support she deserves. And we know support is the key to successful breastfeeding and essential for a breathtaking birth.

Birth & Breastfeeding Classes

Whether baby number 1 or 4, the journey is like nothing you've ever done before. That's why I created an online class, to give women like you a starting place to learn and ask questions about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and life with a baby. Don't go at it alone, uninformed, or without preparation.

Daily Complexities w AshleeJaye Podcast

Conversations about lessons learned from the complex daily life of a Black woman who is a wife, mom, social entrepreneur, vegan, community activist, Christian, and so many other things. This bi weekly podcast will bring you some knowledge that you'll be able to use to move from the here now towards your goals and dreams. Things that may be reminders from lessons learned of your own complex life, mixed with practical learning activities to get you moving on your journey of self-determination. Are you ready to take a journey with me?

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The Black Effect Podcast

Black Moms Affecting the Effect.

Kendra, @CharmCityMommy, is a Bmore native and mom of 2. Britanee is from Dayton, OH and a mom of 3. Ashlee, @AshleeJaye, is from Pittsburgh and a mom of 2.

Join us as we explore motherhood from the Black perspective.

Available on all major platforms.