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5 Things Every Black Mom Should Know

5 Keys to a Breathtaking Birth

Hey Hey! I'm Ashlee Jaye.

Mother. Wife. Water Birth Champion. HomeBirth Advocate. Village Living Promoter. Natural Birth and Breastfeeding Educator. La Leche League Leader. Community Activist. Social Entrepreneur.

I started my natural journey in 2014 when I became pregnant with my first son. Being petrified of needles and hospitals I knew I'd need to find an alternative for my birth experience. My husband and I found a birth center 50 minutes from our home and took 3 months of birth classes to prepare for a breathtaking water birth. From there I studied to become a birth educator and doula which lead to parent coaching.

For the past 10 years I have worked with various organizations (Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Central MD Transportation Alliance, Alternative Directions, JHR, etc.) creating programs and initiatives to help people gain self-determination and become better advocates. Today, I serve to help Black mothers reach their greatest potential while changing their community and modeling success for their children.

"I'm here to let the world know that the status quo isn't for everyone."