L5R Modules

Holy Matrimony is an introductory adventure that I wrote in early 2016. I have run it a handful of times now: online, in person, and at conventions. It serves as a one-shot into introduce players to the setting, or as the first adventure of a larger campaign.

The story concerns the investigation of a series of murders in the village of Koyo no Mura, a town on a river that separates the lands of the Lion and the Crane.

This file contains the full adventure, appendices, four pre-generated characters with secret objectives, and cheat sheets for the players and GM.

The Prowlers is a one-sheet adventure of journey, camaraderie, and tragedy. It is outlined as a series of plot points (based off the fabulous 1956 Western, The Searchers), and can be used in any system you choose. I've provided the story, all you need to provide is the stats.

This one-sheet adventure is designed to be printer friendly, replayable, and portable. I anticipate it being a bit of a briefer adventure (around 2-3 hours maybe). Perfect for a convention game or a last-minute game night.

Consider giving your players a content warning before you play this one, it can get very dark when Part 3 rolls around.