Okay, that should be 'a', not 'The' Celtic Mandolin - I might be 'a' vessel of the tradition but I'm certainly not 'The' vessel. (hey, when you sing in the bath you're a 'vessel' of the tradition).

What's on this Site

  • FREE traditional mandolin music resources at ALL levels. However, most resources are at Intermediate level because that's where most of my students are at.

  • Guitarists and bouzouki-ists will also learn a few tricks. I include chord sequences that stick quite closely to what the tune indicates. Some guitar and bouzouki styles included in a finaL mix.

  • Think of these resources as kits for small string groups and classes. I'm trying to make them useful for just mandolins wether in duos, trios or quatets.

  • Most of the audio is designed so you can hear the parts and I use a frame drum (bodhran) as a count-in and time keeper.

  • I nearly always add a 2nd part for a mandolin. This is often a 'close' harmony. Close harmony is frowned upon in some trad' circles. Ignore that: mandolins in nearly all traditions add close harmonies - the mandolin doesn't have a sustained note so a harmony part lifts the whole sound.

  • I would recommend that the harmony or 2nd part is played lightly, or that there are two tune players to every one harmony part player - just so the tune doesn't get swamped.


  • The audio is NOT prepared to broadcast quality and is mostly produced in the week prior to posting. It's just to help you with your learning. Any BIG or FINAL MIX is only there as a suggestion for performance.

  • PDFs also not perfect - let me know if you find errors. I ain't a big company that can afford proof-readers!

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In each folder you'll find a PDF document This usually includes:

  • Notation for the tune and all parts in separate staves

  • All parts in one 'score'

  • Chord sequences and bass notes

  • Tablature (at least for the tune)

  • a selection of audio files to play along with

Each folder contains a selection from the following types of audio files:

  • Tune played on single mandolin

  • Difficult sections repeated in a loop (if I have the time)

  • 2nd Part on mandolin

  • Tune and 2nd Part as a duet

  • Parts for mandolas, cellos, basses (maybe)

  • Recordings of guitar and bouzouki

  • A basic mix for practice (with accompaniment)

  • A balanced and extended mix for playing along