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Our Promise

We are committed to offering high-quality mated queens and honey, sound advice to beekeepers, and always completing our orders with excellent customer service.



Carniolan Breeder Queens are carefully chosen from the daughters of a New World Carniolan breeder. They are superb and hearty bees that over-winter exceptionally well! In addition, Carniolans are well known for their honey production- making this breed ideal for hobbyists and commercial beekeepers interested in honey production.


Italian Queen Breeders are selected from our own stock, ensuring we chose traits that have the highest hygienic performance to produce disease and mite-tolerant bees. In addition, Italians are well known for their ability to produce a high volume of brood all year long and their gentleness, making this breed ideal for pollination and honey production. Our Italian stock is excellent for any scale apiary, from a backyard hobbyist to a large commercial beekeeper.


UHB hybrid stock is a popular breed. Annually a select few queens have been hand chosen as our breeders to ensure we breed from the highest-performing and most hygienic hybrids. We breed these queens with our own Italian and Carniolan breeder drone stock to produce the best possible traits of both breeds. UHB hybrids have excellent brood patterns and store an outstanding amount of resources, making them ideal for all hobbyists and commercial beekeepers.

Uribe Honey Bee Hat

Our Uribe Honey Bee hat is a Richardson 112FP in army olive/tan color. They are adjustable and come in One Size Fits All. The front of the hat reflects a patch of our company logo of a queen bee.

The California Beekeeper Hat

The California Beekeeper hats are Richardson 112FP available in two different color options- either army olive/tan or heather grey/amber gold. The hats have the logo of The California Beekeeper embroidered onto the front. Hats are adjustable and come in One Size Fits All.

The Apiary

Jose Uribe has more than 13 years of full-time experience in commercial beekeeping and queen breeding, previously managing more than 3500 hives as the foreman with his former employer and traveling to the midwest every year for the honey crop. Within four years of opening Uribe Honey Bees, we have grown to 500 hives, plus 4000 mating nucs.

All queens are meticulously bred and hand-selected by experienced catchers/cagers who work passionately in the fields from March-September every year. Our bee and mating yards are located in Northern California in Butte County.

"I remember back to one of my first commercial beekeeping experiences with Jose. We were out in a yard with a crew of men efficiently shaking one hundred 3-pound wooden packages using the smoke-up method. I was astonished by the production- a finely orchestrated dance, you could call it. Smokers were rolling, bodies were moving, and bees were flying.

Mind you, Jose and I had just begun dating at this time. I was a city girl entirely out of my element. I wasn't fond of anything that flew and would scream at the sight of a spider. Yet here I was in the middle of a lowcut yellow field in yoga leggings and a bee jacket. My greatest fear was that I would accidentally encounter ticks, all the while not realizing bees can sting through tights. The air was thick with loudly buzzing bees from 140 colonies being disturbed all at once.

If you have never seen a commercial beekeeper collecting bulk bees, regardless of the method, you would be amazed. These bees were shaken from their boxes into a "basket" (cage) and weighed on a scale pound-for-pound. They are then transferred to their "packages", a queen and can of syrup are added, and they’re ready for sale.

It has been seven years since that memorable experience, and although we still offer packages at Uribe Honey Bees, we have since transitioned into focusing on commercial queen breeding on a controlled scale. My passion lies in grafting, overseeing cell builders and breeders, and managing our breeding program.

We are anchored in a bedrock committed to quality, year-round customer support, and education. As a Commercial Northern California Queen Producer, we are proud to offer queens our colleagues across the United States can depend on to help their colonies thrive to their fullest potential."

-Kelly Saelao

Our Purpose

At Uribe Honey Bees (UHB), we exist to produce only the highest quality queens to support fellow beekeepers in owning the most explosive hives, which in turn allows them the opportunity to support their families through agriculture and also do extraordinary things for the future of honeybees and our food supply system.

After opening UHB & interacting with customers, we quickly discovered a high demand for basic beekeeping information. As a direct result, in 2020, we launched The California Beekeeper on YouTube- utilizing the platform to reach beekeepers across all borders- exchanging knowledge, ideas, techniques, and inspiration.

We are forward thinkers and believe in evolving and helping others. It is a team effort to keep bees alive, and we feel we can transform the industry by sharing information and supporting each other.

Hours: 8am–5pm, Monday through Sunday

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Mailing Address: PO Box 616, Red Bluff, CA 96080

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