The CADemy

The CADemy is a program run by high school students who take part in a global Robotics competition. Our mission is to promote STEM across a younger demographic to bud an interest in the field early on. Many online STEM-related classes are based on programming or building, but CAD (Computer Aided Design) is an essential part to the engineering process of many projects. We teach our students how to utilize their resources by using the website TinkerCAD to construct fun, engaging structures and designs.

Who Can Apply?

  • Recommend ages 8-12 (All ages 16 and below are accepted)

    • For ages 4-7 parent-child classes are offered

  • No previous experience required

  • Classes for all skill levels are available

  • Must be able to speak fluent English

  • Must have access to a computer as well as WiFi

    • A high power computer is NOT required (a laptop such as a chromebook will work)

  • Students should have access to a personal google account. (Free to sign up)