🌊 the brine speakeasy

The Brine Speakeasy is a lagoon oasis featuring cocktails created from tinctures of salt & vinegar, hidden in the grottos of Love Burn. Nestle into the coves to discover hidden waterfalls in the Sunken Pool and the Seashell Lounge, and admire the mesmeric Lady of the Rain. After dark the speakeasy comes alive! Decipher the password for a secret shot, cast a wish into the fountain, then seek a washed up treasure box for clues to your next adventure! Daylight hours bring all day Fan Painting in the Ladybug booth and the occasional trickle of sea cucumber shots! Find us in between the giant Sandcastle and Incendia near the beach!

build team ~ camp co-leads

This is a first time collaboration for this particular group of St Pete burners 🌊

Laying down ideas and collaborating with other creative individuals is truly magic! Our camp aims to create a delightful and memorable grotto-hidden speakeasy destination for our fellow burners.

Steve & Vix

Niki & Justin

Joe Hampton

Stacey Copper Top

cocktail bar

The Brine Speakeasy will be shaking up cocktails from behind a wood and marble bar, beset in the hidden grottos of Love Burn. The cocktail bar will be focused around delicious vinegar and salt theme drinks! More than a speakeasy alone, we aim to create an immersive and interactive art space to share with our fellow burners.

Come join us at our nighttime bar focused on all things vinegar! Sipping vinegars and homemade shrubs are shaken fresh into martinis under a beautiful lagoon! Bored out pickles filled with whiskey for sea cucumber shots!

immersive infrastructure

The main themed area will be hosted in an 8-sided, 20’ x 20’ pagoda shaped event tent.

Creating a grotto and lagoon themed space (coves, layers)

Since it’s a Speakeasy (in a cave) we want to evoke a little sense of having to explore and discover/uncover. To create an immersive effect the different areas within the pagoda appears in layers as you enter the space, giving a sense of being fully surrounded once you make your way inside. This is accomplished by nesting an ornate metal gazebo inside of the pagoda tent that you walk into right as you walk through the main entrance.

The inner gazebo walls will be draped in moss layers with small bits of light peeking though, leading you towards the warmth behind it. The bar will be visible through a semi-transparent layer, but to get to the bar you must go either left or right through the other doorways of the gazebo and around to get to the bar. This extra inner layer will give many spots to drape vines, faux flowers, and other small interactive insets.

delicious cocktails & spark shots!

adventure blessings washed ashore

magical & mysterious

the rain of femme futuro

moss & metal


inspiration for archway

inspiration for gazebo moss walls

grotto inspiration!

this large grotto fountain fits perfectly in the open footprint of the inner gazebo

rain lamps restored

a retro futuristic nod to the Femme Futuro theme

(1) left - standing lamp / (2) center & right - hanging lamp

vintage coin machine treasure box

This vintage coin machine washed up in the Brine Speakeasy and it will send participants on adventures throughout the burn. Could this lead to a cool destination at your camp or installation?

The treasure box vintage coin machine debuted at our camp art fundraiser party this year!

high top tables from salvaged furniture

inner gazebo

inner gazebo at the entrance

One metal gazebo will fit inside of the pagoda tent, sitting flush against the inside of the doorway when you walk in.

outer gazebo / entrance

The other metal gazebo will serve as the entrance way into the pagoda tent. This gazebo will be exposed to the elements.

inner gazebo

This gazebo fits inside of the pagoda tent with its doorway flush to the doorway entrance of the pagoda so you enter it immediately upon walking in. The inner and outer walls of the gazebo will be covered in layered moss with peek-through spots and draped greenery.

Hidden pockets of tokens are embedded into the walls. Bring the token to the treasure coin machine to discover a keepsake or a fortune, or cast your coin into one of fountains to make a wish.

The space marked on the back gazebo doorway (red dotted line) will have a large grotto fountain (pictured below) embedded into moss covered walls. Hung above the fountain in the space between the two rooms sits a stunning rain oil lamp with a lady statue, with an opening to the warm & bustling bar behind it.

Above the waterfall, visible from both sides of the entrance or from within the bar, will hang a gorgeous rain oil lamp, giving a retro-futuristic nod to the Femme Futuro theme of this burn.

A mirrored circle of light & hanging vines sweeps in from above, creating the look of a sunken cavern with sunshine pouring in.

outer gazebo / entrance

The other metal gazebo will serve as the entrance way into the pagoda tent. This gazebo will be exposed to the elements.

5' x 5' gazebo

brass lantern on top of gazebo

flame bulbs


fan painting in the ladybug

The Ladybug is an 8’ x 8’ gazebo / fan painting booth where handheld sandalwood fans, acrylic paint, brushes, and a cozy nook invite burners to come to sit and paint a small fan canvas to take home with them.

photo by evan sigmund

shell grotto & statue fountain inspiration


To add additional recessed space to the pagoda (jutting outward from the perimeter of the tent) we will create cove-like spaces using bent PVC tubing rounded down towards the ground, kind of like a quonset hut, aka monkey-hut, and a covering. The coves go back several feet and will host the Seashell lounge, a hidden waterfall, and many other treasures.

Water features & brass creatures

Trickle, pickle, pitter, patter of running water will be flowing through several different beautiful water fountains, each one bringing their own element.

sunken pool

project timeline

This project is going to take a good amount of weekends in St Petersburg, FL to accomplish, but the team is wide eyed and optimistic about the level of polish and detail we can accomplish to create an immersive experience. The main structure (the Pagoda tent) is already made and ready to house the center area of the project. The real work now is to fabricate the coves off the sides of the pagoda out of PVC and a fitted covering that is light colored on the outside, but dark on the inside.

We have a collection of fountains coming with us that we have tested and restored over the past month. The metal structures in the entrances will be put together and altered over the months of December and January.

Our ocean inspired drinks will be tested and served for 2 private fundraiser events in St Petersburg as we hone in on the perfect cocktails and experiment with a secret drink, and if everything goes well, we will have the bar menus finished at that time as well. We have a few tables to be fabricated in December, as well as some finishing of our largest interior deco.

We are going to be creating a space filled with a lot of small details with antique and vintage pieces. The camp-specific pieces will be acquired throughout the month of December and finalized in January. Most of these pieces are already with us, we are finalizing the new additions with what can fit, and what elements will have the most impact.

cup fundraiser


Visit our Cup Fundraiser page to reserve your custom engraved cup and support our art installation!

more inspiration

see you all at Love Burn!!!