These are the 7 Best LEGO Lighting Kits For Your Sets

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Updated: May 19, 2023

Everyone loves LEGO, and building up a perfect kit brings about a special kind of accomplishment.

You can look out onto your shelf at any time and see the hard work and creativity you put into your build, all the custom pieces and unique marks, or just the precise, prestigious brick-by-brick assembly that makes it stand out.

If half the fun of LEGO is building, the other half is in admiring the craftsmanship that goes into every placement. LEGO sets can look good anywhere. As long as there’s light on them. 

BRIKSMAX Lighting Kits for LEGO


BRIKSMAX is our favorite lighting brand for LEGO enthusiasts who want to add an extra touch of creativity and functionality to their LEGO creations.

BRIKSMAX offers a wide range of high-quality LED lighting kits that are designed to fit seamlessly with LEGO sets, providing a unique and immersive lighting experience. 

Light My Bricks

Light My Bricks

Light My Bricks specializes in kit-based lights for all the most popular LEGO kit models.

These range from the Star Wars and Ninjago lines to more broad-concept kits like the Modular Buildings collection for cityscapes and Creator Buildings and Vehicles.

They even have working headlights for cars and stage lights for the Friends Central Perk stage set. 

But LEGO isn’t just about following the instructions, obviously.

Light My Brick also offers independent custom parts that allow you to fully customize any part of any kit you have. 

These include bit lights, the tiny lights and long thin wires that you build into the work of a model, in a variety of simple or complex colors, as well as the battery pack to power them all and adhesive squares (LEGO sized) so you can stick them in place just out of sight.

These are the parts for the do-it-yourself LEGO enthusiast who’s not afraid to work with a little live wiring.

But it’s okay if you’re not fully experienced. They also offer step-by-step instructions on how you can light up your kits brick-by-brick, user guides and a full range of customer support for their products.

Light My Bricks is a great place to try if you’re looking for adding some lighting kits to your favorite build of currently popular LEGO.



Lightailing is another brand of LEGO lighting kits that are made to match popular models, new and older, with an interesting twist.

Once you get all the lights installed and looking good, all the windows are lit up and all the headlamps on vehicles work, or if you’re just going for direct stage lighting, you have to wonder how long they’ll stay on for?

Having a large LEGO set nightlight is good and all but lights can burn out and batteries drain. Ideally, you’d want them to function like a regular set of lights: on or off.

Lightailing includes not only a USB-powered power pack for the whole lighting set, but also a remote control that allows you to turn the whole unit on or off, and even lets you control what specific parts of the set you want on.

You can customize certain lighting layouts and program them into a remote control, then adjust the lighting to your desire. The USB power supply is a more expansive power solution that supports up to 7 ports per splitter, and even comes with a USB-in battery pack in case you can’t get close enough to your favorite outlet. 

The battery case even has a LEGO pattern on top, allowing you to integrate the power as part of the set itself! Use it as a stand to show off which brick has the most power of them all! If you are seeking LEGO lighting kits, we suggest you check out Lightailing.

Game of Bricks

Game of Bricks

Another great build-by-set lighting store is Game of Bricks.

They sell lighting sets designed to incorporate with popular LEGO kits with a focus on vehicles and cars.

Their blog is especially active with new race car models and kits that you can light up with their special accessories. They’re also offering huge discounts for their winter months. But, being based in Europe, they’re a bit restricted in terms of global shipping. 

Brickstuff LEGO Lighting Kits

Brickstuff LEGO Lighting Kits

Brickstuff steps up the game with not just lighting, but sound as well. They have set specific kits and DIY starter kits with comprehensive instructions that can teach a safely guided kid how to correctly wire and program their own lighting displays!

They also have LED filament – long ropes made to light up, instead of single dots all in a row. This leads to way more customization in building and lighting. They even have LEGO shaped buttons that control the power, fully incorporating functionality into design.



LetLightGo has many of the same options as other warehouse based LEGO lighting stores, but it also comes with online comprehensive instructions so even young builders can learn the ins and outs of working with low-grade electronics in a safe and secure way.

Not only that, it has a huge archive of the most recent LEGO sets and YouTube tutorials for every single one on where and how to hook up the corresponding lighting kits.

It’s a great website to use as a reference in case you need a little extra help getting started or doing finishing touches. 

Elegant Bricks

Elegant Bricks

Like the rest, Elegant Bricks offers many of the most popular LEGO set lighting kits and accessories.

They have a bit more in the way of custom parts but their main draw is what comes after all the lighting is done. Once you have a kit perfectly built, you need to display it, show it off to the world, right? But you don’t want anyone to mess it up.

There’s rebuilding and then there’s destruction – can’t have that. Elegant Brick keeps your bricks elegant with its Display Cases where you can place your masterpiece in a clear acrylic space. 

They come in all manner of sizes, whether you’ve got a small collection to show off or just one of many pieces that deserves some special admiration.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you just want to get started and experiment or if you plan on perfecting an established build that you’re proud to show off.

Just like LEGO, there’s a little something for everyone when it comes to lighting and additional set construction. Don’t assume that a build is ever done just because you’ve reached the end of the instructions.

These companies and their unique additions to your hobby mean that you’ve always got something to do to make your favorite set a little better. Invest in LEGO lighting kits for your LEGO sets today!